where the hell i've been?

1st time pegi event sunat budak2 ramai2 old school style cam aku dulu2. haha best gila. kasi makan gemuk-gemuk, kasi suka dulu, mandikan, lepas tu slaughter house la apa lagi hdsjkasdhdqwo

and last week i had my well deserved weekend offday. so i went to janda baik with my bois just to getaway from things, from the city life. sungai, bbq, good people with some non-stop kush action es tu papi kamon lets go one two one two. 

 oh i took this last friday, lalu pj haritu, wow pj changed so much these days. the traffic ways, and streets. cantik gilaa. at the other end gantung tanglung, and the other one gantung kain pelikat indonesia. ada mural n everything. and even cantik waktu malam. and selalu je ada event on weekend. 

semoga PJ terus menjadi bandaraya yang berdayahuni dan berwawasan!

and happy birthday to me :D