Kamen Rider Blade - Last Episode

Aku baru menontonnye tadi di ntv 7.IMHO.Series kamen rider ni yg menyayat hati.Ending dia cukup bermakna bagi aku.To those people yg menganggap menonton katun mcm ni adelah bodoh dan tak matang,pada aku.Korang lack of human essences.Its very sad in the last episode.It teach me how to tolerate,to do sacrifice for the others.I maybe not ready for it but if the time comes,when hope become despair,i'll do it whateva necessary to protect my friends and family.It teach me about cheering life and friendship.Which i need this in mylife.

To those yg take it seriously in life.I had an advice.

"dont take life to seriously,else u wont get out of life alive"

and i believe its true.