A few facts about me.That i even didn't realize from being me.Thanks for showing me my true colors.Didn't notice that.Guess im just another ordinary bad-ass dude like other guy.

1.Im selfish.Damn selfish.
3.Take sumthing for granted.
4.Bossy yet scolding people.
5.I dont have any idea about other people feelings.
6.I cant treat people well.

feel free to add-on the list.

add it.please i need sum feedbacks.since im gonna miss some good points eh?


Unknown said...

hello qayyum!

i know you treat PPL well.


ko kan suka reserved tempat duduk di sebelah ko untuk diisi si manis rupawan.


Famiera GonGGok said...

yes chada..!! haha... well, it's good for us to bermuhasabah diri.. take ur kelemahan as a weapon for u to upgrade urself!! after all, u're not dat bad..... good luck my fren!!