Sakit perut dan hantu.


A ghost is a type of animal that is found in dark places, or simply in places with an absence of light. These places most often include basement of houses (particularly older ones), caves, and the outdoors a night in places like dark streets, alleys, and lonely roads. Cemeteries are also a popular place for ghosts. Because they are only present in darkness, they are very difficult for humans to see, and are rarely seen by people. Actually, there is no definitive proof that ghosts have ever been seen. Sightings by the human eye are strictly based on claims made by 52% of the population. But there is plenty of other evidence they exist.

Ah celaka.

Sakit perut.Aku rasa aku kene food poisoning.Dari kul 2 pagi sampai skarang aku rasa dah 30 kali aku keluar masuk jamban + sendawa dekat 150 kali.Nak tido perot memulas.Aduhhhhh apakah kesialnya semua ini