Tag.Lame dah tak kene tag

#1 describe 10 things about the person who tagged you. (Cik Dayana orgnya)

1. er kenal waktu after2 spm.randomly.at #sk8erz
2.sangat polite.i think
3. same2 chatting kat irc dlu.agak kecoh.haha
4.suke bace novel.er i think.sbb ada je review pasal new novel.
5. tatau la pulak dia ni bole kawan gak dgn nabila saat.tak sangka.lol.kecik je dunia
6. rasenya suka anime kot.eh ye ke
7. alamak tatau nak cakap ape lagi
8. best la cik dayana ni.masuk kepala.haha
9. (tolong isi sendiri nnt dlm comment box ye cik yana)
10.(nabila pon tolong isi gak dlm comment box)

#02 - Now u have to describe 10 things about urself.

1. the name is qayyum.
2. im a game freak.i dont have time for others.haha
3. im alergic to curry.makan je demam.LOL
4. im not funny.im sarcastic
5. im tech-savvy guy
6. i think i somehow represent the impersonation of Dr.Gregory House.the way he see life,same as the way im seeing it now.
7. i learned that u cant always be there for people.i have trust issue nowdays
8.hey,im proud to say that i DONT BELIEVE IN HOPE anymore.
9. i dont have a lot of friends.but somehow.i do have a lot,a loooot of hypocrites saying that they are my friend
10. and currently,im trying to have a life.and reviewing it.how do i enjoy life.

#03 - At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names..

RAFIK (HAHA maybe 1st tag kau kot)
Nabila S.

kawan2 lain nak test pon boleh.isi je.ehe