ahah today i came across this hashtag, and did some damage and lulz. till there is a statement by this girl. LULZYAH

LULZ BUTTHURTTTT ->>> @AnnaShariff Kutuk lah orang bertudung. Kutuk lah lagi. Kau tweet serupa orang takda agama

how to detect these hijabsters? 
-these intelligent yet stupid creature lurks in every inch, every corner, every space in this world. u can detect one wearing hijab, added with some hipsters ideas and culture, it became hijabster.

-hijabster is more than a fashion, its a cult, from fashion to food, from daily words to way of life.

- the simplest way to detect one is to hang out in local tutti frutti, hijabis having discussion over blogs, subscribers in youtube, telling how pretty u are "sis u chanteek sangat dlm photoshoot harituee", "sis chantek laar blog sis niew", a bonus if u can see one playing guitar and have a smartphone recording it live, talks over macaroons and pavlovas, drinking perrier mineral water, talks over maria elena the greek belen or envying fake boobs fatin liyana and dreaming to finally see hana kakijimak in person.

-mind the word du'a, insha-allah, masha-allah, iftar, shalat, whudu, hijab, pashmina, bawal, shawl, dear, chanteek, baby in every social networking sites.

nah. this is what i manage to tweet. lulz

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sekadar gambar hiasan, ntah lembu mana keluar di carian google - hijabster. saman google, jangan saman saya. LULZYAH