i spent december 1 weekend working until 3. while preparation for krabi is done for now. hangout with paeh dani n ogy at my apartment pool. in the rain. watching malaysia vs indonesia, dine in murni bukit jalil with 2 bongs of shisha as our bff at night.

later that night, i had a thought. i dont have any idea what am i doing all these time. and since "that" moment, it gives me chills. all i do is hangout with those boys, not even give a damn that i am in a middle of a relationship. 

i am not motivated at all. i am not inspired at all. i dont have the urge anymore. to start, or even spark a fire. i feel dead. 

damage. that is what i said. that is what i have in mind. here. and here. *pointing out my head and heart*