killing the time

this is where i am last week. trying to convince myself everything is going to be ok while my head was taken away from me. i could not make any decision, or think of anything at all.

bleak. empty. sorrow.

i've been wondering around and only stop when i feel tired. i..i dont know why i was there, and i feel helpless.

scream. but nobody listens. feel betrayed. at its best. everything was against me.

exchange goodbyes. tears broke down.

how could you?

thats not the main point.

after everything, how could you decide on the future based on fear of the unknown?

i know im hurt. till today, i mourn. in my sleep. in my wake. not for u. not for me. but for the trust and bond that have been broken and and all those sweet words and little things that doesnt even matter anymore.

forgive and forget. that is what them girls said. but i am a man. doesnt work on me.