sums it all up

do u want to know hows my week like? izat quits while anna's leaving for menara. too many site visits for the time being. so much workload so much things i have to attend to. im all stress up, and have nobody to talk to. and after the ulcer thingy, im struggling with the high acid building inside, my boss is leaving and i feel pretty much useless, nobody tells me anything, not even email, anything.

and u. theres no sorry of any sort, no asking hows my day like, i feel used, i feel unappreciated, i feel worthless, i feel like i am receiving nothing from u, i feel fooled by u, u fucked me over and over and over again, played me, used me, and i fucking let u had the best of me. and i dont know which guy ur fucking with right now till u have nothing to say to me and treat me properly like u shud, and like what i did to u. and yeah its all about u. ur fucking stupid books, ur fucking stupid mobile wifi, ur fucking penang trip and ur tag along friend, ur fucking sleeping/sleepy problem.

and ur leaving, just like that, after what/everything/ has been said and done. again, and again, and again.
i had enuf of u, and ur friends, and probably everysinglething about you.

and i dont feel like working, and i dont feel like eating, i dont feel like doing anything at all. thank you


thats sums up my week.