i have been texting my dad since last 2 weeks. something happen. something bad. not only to him. to my family. i think he took most of the blow by himself, until he turns to me, telling me stuffs. which we never really talk about.

me being his son,
hes being my dad.

after all these years, 27 years. he finally turns to me. asking me to do things on his behalf. and yeap. he really need all the help he can right now. and i am doing all i can to help him to ease things up. i am used to be angry all the time to him before. all the times when i needed him the most. him actually play his role as a dad. i didnt get the chance..growing up alone, being jealous all the time because he treats my younger bros better than he shud be treating me

as i grow up, i learn to forgive, and i realize, hes doing all he can to provide. and all of the anger, all of those hate, jealously was no longer there, inside of me. and came to understand. i might be end up like him.

for now, all i can do is to help him recover his spirit, look for my bros, look for my mom and make sure he goes to work as he shud. tak pernah pun abah mcm ni. and i realize when he turns to me for help, yeap.. this is the time.

currently, i am reconsidering my thoughts about moving back to batu pahat. transfer sana. to look after my mom yg sensorang kat sana. susah sebenarnya. kalau takde kosong pun satu hal..aih. nantilah fikir.

ja, until next time.