i just cant seem to understand this young people goals and bullshits. instilling fears and messed up logic into relationships and its meaning. what kind of goals is that? questions about how one person should be faithful to one another. endless arguments about who should do this and that first.

to me, all of those things, goals, or whatever are the main reason why its not working out.

as an adult, theres no need to have silly or childish issues or goals which needed to be completed or deal with. most importantly, the needs of attentions/affections weights more than the needs to be loved. and that is the reason why, everytime its not working. you take something from her, and make it yours. and its always, always about you.

some things is not worth it kot nak di jadikan isu. and that is why relationship tu sometimes demands something more than just both of you. example : who loved more, who calls/texts 1st. who gave more effort.

benda2 yang sepatutnya melengkapkan satu sama lain dah jadi competition lak. and sapa tak fulfill ends up guilty, tak cukup bagus for him or her. itu demanding, bukan loving nama dia. and still people masih nak kena define dgn things like goals, till jannah, wadafak.

never let people decide things for you. or how you will end.

sekian, rintihan saya yang berkerja full day sabtu ahad sambil murung menunggu waktu pulang.