me, today

i woke up early today. another working saturday to me. and probably some other people too. arrived early at the office to park my bike and everything is pretty much routine. and today i have to attend some event in kajang. unifi launching, and my day begins here.

i was at this warung. what triggers my inner rage n anger is theres this one family having their breakfast. everything was fine till the mother loses control over her daughter. bila makanan sampai. her daughter loses her mind. bising. melalak. menjerit sebab nak air. the mom does nothing. tgk je. look, aku faham je. tapi cant u control ur own childeren? im kinda mad bcos her scream is effing annoying, and the mother does nothing at all. lepas tu bila adik beradik lain dia mula buat perangai orang kampung berebut air and tiba2 je jadi chaos.

i tried to play along. until my roti canai came. was pissed too bcos...ya know. tak sedap lansung. again i tried to play along. layankan. maybe its me yg super sensitive today and i know i can tilt easily and loses my mind in just 30 sec. i tried to get my mind somewhere else. read some news. and tgk twitter for any news too. and i scroll down and i keep on reading bullshit stuffs (yes i know i am wrong to scroll twidder time tgh easily annoyed). terbaca pulak budak2 ni dok bersembang this particular video game. everyday, the same shit. farm tu grind ni itu ini mcm dah takde benda lain nak buat or cakap (yes diorang mmg takde benda lain nak buat thats why) lepas tu trigger lagi emotional state aku yg mmg tgh tak berapa nak stable. and aku scroll lagi and saw the same people yg try to preach how to love, when to love, what he/she will do, his/her ultimate bla bla bla, rules.

ya know what. tak berpasangan juga. kat twidder juga. hari2 dok cakap benda yg sama. about the idea of loving, dream girl, how to treat him/her. the game. the pussy. tapi actually dia mcm tu juga. what for? i think im done listening to all of these bullshits (love advice. gaming bullshits from the same people. mat2 berita, mat2 yg sibuk nak komen whats happening - YES AGAIN I KNOW I AM THE ONE YG PATUT DI PERSALAHKAN SBB DAH TAHU PUN MASIH LEPAK TWIDDER JUGA KAN).

i think, we all needed some break from the social media. we tend to tell stories that nobody wants to listen. instead of talking to an actual person, we tell the whole world about it. people with less tolerance level and easily annoyed like me is not the person u should share ur majestic story about ur idea of love, how superior u are, and how good are in particular games. i just dont care at this moment. i think i had enuf.

im trying to do my part here by being less and spending my times less in social media and focus on what i should be doing. example, for now, work. im trying to restrain myself from tweeting or updating my status or whatever. its hard, but not impossible. what makes this even more difficult is some those people who tweeted the stuffs that i hate or annoyed is my friends. and theres no way to approach them without actually hurt their feelings. i dont know how to talk it out properly. i know some of u are tired of my bullshits too but feel free to come at me and tell me. i am ok with that. but i know people are not ok on how i treat things. i dont know how to sugarcoat things. or tell things without inflicting any damages. i am not that kind of person.

spending a week away from work, the city and hectic life, it teaches me something. how to be myself once again. how to keep things to myself, improve communication between people. instead of talking to each other in social media, i now look forward to real human interactions.

so yeah, u heard me. i think im done reading things i dont want to read, follow people who i dont want to follow or read his/her status update/tweets. i dont care about ur ideal world or how do u plan to live ur life. just becos im muting/unfollow/block u people or other people, that doesnt mean that we cant hangout and talk normally outside social media.

sure i can choose to give up my social media life. but i have other options too. instead of running away from it, why dont i filter things that i like and i dont like. we all have options to begin with. and i already picked mine.

so what will u do? and what have u been doing lately?