hey, guess what? my bike is stolen again. i went out for breakfast, and then when i returned home, park my bike, and then wanna go out again, its gone, no longer there. not the 1st time hilang motor, dah tak la rasa terkejut ke takleh menerima hakikat, but the pain, is there.

it hurts. and lurks inside of u, and it seems no way out of it. i am sad.

i had a lot to think about. family, work, and then this. and then theres this and fews of that. i dont know how much longer can i hold before i burst or break.

i havent have enough rest for a very long period of time. and i did not really like to talk about things that have been bothering me besides the holy trinity group. i kept it away from my mom, away from people who i should really talk to bcos they too have their own problem. (usually, they would talk to me if and ask me for advice). even when they tryna cheer me up, it always ends up talking about them or the other way around. me cheering them up.

that is why, i didnt really wanna talk. i prefer to keep it to myself. in the end, it were always, always will be, forever will be you and your bullcrap. like i never really existed. penatlah layan kau. penatlah dengar kau itu kau ini. penatlah dengar ups and down pasal kau. sikit-sikit, kau.

motor hilang. kena pegi event esok, lepas event dinner, lepas dinner itu ini. nak dengar masalah kau yg never ending. apa entah susah sangat nak decide. sigh kan.

this world, never really revolve around you, and tak semua orang nak dengar masalah engkau yg entah hape-hape tu. childish. kalau sekali dua, boleh la kira lending ear, everyday? let me lend u my pelempang mahu? bila kita tak mahu dengar, dia kata kita lupakan dia. ha tu la dia. kita ni as manusia. kompleks. buat, tak buat, sama je pergi dia

its gonna be super long long day tmr. and hopefully bos approve untuk aku el the whole week nak settle hal motor and finally take a motherfucking break that i motherfucking deserve.