food! food! give me meat!

lately i have been spending too much money on food. i've been looking for comfort food, been going on indigestion problem, and unable to feel food completely. so, here i am, with revenge, and love, hunts for food that i want to eat so bad.

this one er apa entah nama steak dia, tapi kedai dia dekat belakang SDMC Subang, deret2 dominos tapi belah hujung. 8/10 overall, food, atmosphere, ambience.

night circle shah alam - kalau kenyang and need something tuk isi perut and not so heavy, come here. bubur and lauk dia boleh di pilih, cheap juga. sedap.

gyu kaku in publika. premium meal. rm 500 per 5 pax. japanese bbq style. all kind of meat you want. 

 tengok. theres daging pipi daging peha daging bla bla bla and got wagyu. mah gad bila panggang lepas tu gigit, it melts right away in your mouth. sedapnyaaaaaskldhasljlasdgjlasdgjjasdg

tada. dah habis. so kalau aku ada pegi lagi makan fancy2, nanti aku update dlm ni