not too late for a july post

look at that title. raya aftermath. life has been pretty much crazy for me, while down the hill for some.

chester bennington's death. anis. getting back into life. less than in a month, things went crazy. dont even know what's what. too fast.

i wish i could come here often and jolt down everything. but i dont really have the time to do so. been trying to sort my activities and schedule but time wont just let me. theres a lot to things that i want to tell. some good, some bad, ramblings, questions (often left unanswered).

there were also conflicts, mostly not mine (somehow i ended in one) and been trying my best to keep everyone together, with all of my might.

thats it. for now.

RIP Chester Bennington. thank you for all the years i spent growing listening to your songs. 
thank you for making me feel like i am not the only one and all alone. i bet most of the people feels the same. something i could relate to, where conventional day-to-day parenting doesnt really apply. 

p/s : whats there, for us to pick it up all over again, knowing there were nothing left, to talk about. or even dream about.