caught up.

i have been missing. i know. please dont get angry. life swallowed me whole. i do come here occasionally and write something but it were never posted. probably it was written badly. on 2nd thoughts, do people really read my blog anyway?

2 months. besides crazy workload/juggling between things. losing every bit of my mind here n there, battling depression (LMAO) and not to forget enjoying my time, everything is doing quite well. i cant say it suck, but it sure does have its ups and lows. balance. ok enuf quick recap.

its the holy month of ramadhan. and i have some issues, which is not really an issue. its just from my observation and daily life encounter. i cant help myself from wondering why some parents, fail to use their brains. why bring kids (babies) to bazar ramadhan/jalan TAR. i've made fb stats bout this only to get some roast from "parents"

"kau tak ada anak kau mana tau"
"ada ke rule tak boleh bawak stroller pegi bazar"
"orang gemuk tak boleh pegi bazar jugak la gitu"
"some parenting tip from someone reads too much book, and tiberrrr dia nak merentan suruh jangan compare/judge camne parents raise anak just because they have no other choice"

you have to remember, its basic common sense. babies + crowded places. tempat orang jual makan, buang leftovers, bakar2 this and that.

do i need to elaborate more? do i? and it got heated somehow on my fb. dude think he can troll the retired internet troll king. lmao.  annoying tahu? dgn strollernya, kalau boleh semua benda dia nak singgah dan beli, letak dalam stroller, naik turun naik turun, bawak lagi anak2 kecik lain, dgn padatnya tak boleh gerak. muh gawd. i was pissed. penat2 balik keje, kena pulak mcm ni. man fuck you.

and thats, that. for now.