the end of december.the start of a new year.

several things i shud highlight here at the end of the december :

-i've lost almost 5 kilograms due to excessive class, sports and activities.not to mention my 4 stories penthouse walk-a-thon climb series.

-im participating in 3 theatre show.

-i need to do an animation.but i didnt made up my mind yet. either VR, AR, stop motion or a simple courseware,

-last tuesday my penthouse is having a paranormal activities, so we did some ritual by reading yasin and doing a small tahlil there.hope there is nothing happen after this

-i've start to turn crazy.see my walls,full of notes and equation stuffs.

-i think i need a hair cut.not that short but to keep it smart.this hair is going crazy.

oh yeah.happy 2010.i dont have any goals this year.i wanna live and try & error.plans and goals screws us.

guys, when we having our vacation to redang.need to plan it dying to have a vacation.wan kacang.balik la celaka.kau nak buat apa lagi kau aussie tu.fak.dah grad balik la celaka