i think i overdid myself these days.the never ending stress,never ending tiredness.geez thats just kills.

now i've fallen sick.doc says :

"do u work on a construction site or what?"
"how come that is ur red blood cells are this low"
"how many hours that u sleep a day?"
"do u eat well?"

crap.i feel chest pain.muscle pain.brain pain.currently having a fever and tonsil.

sometimes,i feel like im no other then just a robot. how can a young late 22 years old boy survive a class from 8 am - 8 pm class and after that attending 2 1/2 hours of theatre training and then spending some time from 12 am - 4 am and sleeps after doing his assignment/works/social life and wake up as early as 7.30 am? not to mention his currently new sport which is soccer.

i've been missing home lately.the smell,the food.i wanted to go back home. crap.

i need rest.but i dont need those medications any more.i dont wanna have sleeping pills or diazepam just to fall asleep.

have some mercy on ur self not overdo urself.even if u can do it,sometimes learn to say no.learn to dismiss people.

p/s : "yay a 4 days of mc makes my day :D"
p/s : gimme a robot nickname.anybody?


Takeru Kimura said...

gi ambil angin dlm hutan

. said...

nama robot. robotyumkop