today i went to a cyber cafe in parit raja.i was told that they are the most worthy opponent here in batu pahat.

so i went there with a couple of friends.act stupid and dont know what is DOTA.i see them playing DOTA live in action.chatting in the malay's self-proclaimed room 20.being the most star-studded players ever in room 20.

(the truth is room 20 is the place for many malays who are weak and they become strong because they have a lot in numbers)

well one this fellow of mine tells me that one of the clan lord APO was living in batu pahat,thats y i decided to check em out at the cyber cafe near UTHM.

haha.well these are my observation :

1.they are obviously MAPHACKERS (i didnt have prove with me but i'll get some meanwhile)
2.seriusly,they team sucks.
3.they are a bunch of kids.i mean..sakai kids from parit.well u know.
4.claiming to know ct-pemakandunia and idolize Nv.Azen is their pride.ROFL

i keep roaming and roaming.and have a chat with the local cc owner and players.wahh cerita masing2 taknak jatuh.lucky i didnt tell them i KCR|9999 / or the legendary qayyumx.


jaguh kampung trying to act not worthy for my opponent.or being my food.

p/s : i have bought a PS3 OH YEAH BABY