well as u guys know,i involved in an accident last tuesday.nothing much but my upper rib has moved a few inches,broke 2 of my fingers and a sprained ankle.

my 2nd major accident which twice i think "oh im gonna die this time"

but grateful

below is my 1st major accident late in june 2007

broken arm and leg

pity me XD

and last nite i went to a remote village in batu pahat.somewhere near rengit to try the traditional massage.haha to tell u the truth,i almost cry myself out.sangat painful T.T.the ahjuma (korean word for old women) is very skilled and she's cool too.i want a granny like that (she smoke,she wears sunglasses and having a cool attitude)

when the massage gonna start,she warn me not cry.i thought it was a joke.i said "alah nenek tua ni bukan kuat pon".and the moment she start to pour some oil to my chest,i feel something weird.damn my chest were burnin like hell.and she ask me to lay down and she start the process.for the 1st 2 mins i still can laugh,but after a moment i hear "KRAK,KRAK.KRAK" lol my chest were moving here n there.fak damn painfull like shit.almost shit out from my pants and cry myself out.

and today i do the same routine and my last day.after the massage i went back home straight away sleepin.just wake up at 4.30 am and im feeling great.feeling more then great.i havent feel this good.i feel lighter.feel fresh and i can run like 10-20 im not joking.

probably the granny repaired my veins,nerves and bone and perhaps she did something good to my blood flow.i havent feel this fresh for a long time. off to jog after the subuh prayer.see u later :D