wrapping up

i've been dealing with some issues lately.family issues.not that 4 minutes hot issue -___-

well i've been labeled the rude son.the ungrateful son.the father's regrettable son.yeah thank you daddy.i been longing for that title for soooooo lonnnnng time ago.

if u had ur eyes open.u'll see.now ur 50 and keep on busy with ur working stuffs.and of course treating ur staff better then ur children.i guess u'll be blind forever.i dont mind dad.really.i just dont care.u take care of both my brother its okay already.me? no problem.u can throw me out from the house like u did last week.i know how to get my own food and money.relax.i know how hard outside world.apart from u dad.been living based on the newspaper and news.u dont really know whats been happening in the real world.the news are overrated.

the story started last 2 weeks.my bro gets to enter teaching institution thanks to my mom bad habits of applying for anything in the internet.but he's currently doing his practical in batu pahat and only has 1 year to finish up what he's doing now.but as u know,parents wants the best for their child right? my parents force my bro to stop doing what he's been doing and enter the institution without his consent.

i was against this.same with my bro.he reluctantly join it.and when our family had dinner on last wednesday.i try to speak out.i'd say what went wrong in the family.i say it all.from the parenting.and deciding the children fate.and what i get? i got labeled.i got cast away from the dinner table.i dont know maybe the timing wasnt good.well i just dont know.

i gotta do what i gotta do.is that wrong? im not using harsh words or whatever flaming method or starting a quarrel.i just wanna talk and state my points.my parents were blinded.it cant be helped..

nah i just dont care anymore.im going back today.and i'll be back home again when raya comes.and then i'll be finish and gonna get work here in putrajaya.goodbye home.goodbye.

my home has lost its meaning.HOME.
does ur house still has its function?

go find out.


Anonymous said...

rilex bro..fighto! :D