another pit stop

nothing much to write down.stuck in putrajaya here.

no car.
no licence.
no class.
less money.
no internet.

god.i am so messed up this time..
i saw EQ/BA last friday in alamanda when i was with E.

that nite EQ text me.but i didnt rply always.expired credits.
guys.i am the type that abandon my own buddies and friends?
i didnt know myself.u guys rate me.

and i gotta cancel the hangout with luna this's barking..
gotta go back in BP..

i shud really tell her fast.before she gets angry again.
and again i cheated on E..
and how do u break a heart?

telling the truth?
or live with the lies?

i wanna runaway from being in someone's heart and i dont wanna store anybody in mine.
i just want the feeling to be mutual.not more than just a good friend.

hangout.having movies.and not saying aku kau like boys do.
i wanna be normal.

i wanna be the 15 years old yum.
who only thinks about worries and cry about any girls that i encountered that time.
i just had my buddies that time.

god im totally lost now..
what should i do?
what should i do...