well i guess now its time

its time to stop acting blind.acting deaf.acting mute.i see,i heard.but i act like i ever care.

u like to blame? ok go on.but dont make me say the ugly truth to u.just dont.i waste moms money? i waste? ok i waste her money.

what done is done and what happened is happened.people makes mistakes.and people corrects mistakes.we corrects things.but if the people whos doing the mistake still doing the mistake do that make us have the right to kill em? no. just let em be.

the past is the past.dad make mistakes.live with it.suck it up.and dad mistakes leads to mom rebellious act.again.suck it up.we have the opportunity to leave from the house.why u didnt take any chances to experience life after school? again.suck it up.

u have the chance.but u blew it away for 2-3 times.again.SUCK IT UP.
now i got the blame? walaweh.i was given holiday.as for my scholar having trouble settling it.i'll be back on track without u knowing it. im kinda late.but im not a quitter.much like u.

im not having this quarrel.childish.maybe dad and mom and u seeing me a lazy bumb.sleep whole day.eat.dota summore.well.put ur hands in the air and count.how many times.were i in batu pahat.since early of my diploma days.

im not gonna say it down here.and im not going to blame anybody.were in our age.golden age of youth.fighting among us isnt going to settle anything.find a way.im finding a way too.be more mature.more open.keep complaining things get ugly.they dont improve.

saying bad things.posting scandals on the newspaper wont do any good.its just harms us more.do u ever use ur brain to do any thinking before u do something.please.this time.dont do it again.
im done being stupid in this house.im done closing my eyes.im done being nice stupid and sleeky.

IM DONE.now its guerilla time.do things radically.u think i like staying in this house? yes im as much hungry as u.ever.how do u think i cud survive a day with only 1 meal? believe me i try to cook.but theres nothing on the kitchen.food. simple things as food. do u know food is our needs.not our wants.

when i see no food.how will i work? u dont have to yell here n there.

enuf fighting.as bad as they are.they're still our parents.

yeah i am a big fat lazy asshole who like to sleep for almost 15 hours perday and wake up playing dota and stuff.ur the only one with heart.i dont have any.peace yaw.

u dont know who really am i.ask my friends in uni.ask my friends out there.who am i actually.if u ever wanna get to know me closer.i'll be ur best brother.ever.

and this is my last advice from u

hate me as u like
silent treat me as u like
but if we keep blaming each other like this
none wud help us be back together

i know im just another people in ur life.just another page that u cud tear out.but once u know people.they cross a mark in our memory no matter its just a little scratch or a big hole in our memory.

here goes.

"you should start mending your own life instead of blaming the past or the people around you which doesnt change anything to your own good"


Anonymous said...

emotional morning huh....