so you think you can manipulate lives?

to those people who thinks that your current job/study is superior then others.

doctors - some of these people are damn cocky,they think only them saves people.but the truth is,they live by the books.and does what the book tells them to do.if the book never exist, what will they do.

engineers - these kind of people are cool.they are purely maths and logic builds.if the calculation fails they still can rely on logics.not much of a nuisance.still this type of people saves people life too in their design. ie : cars.buildings.

lawyers - these kind of people really get into everybody news.manipulate words,give deceiving facts, saying this and that which we cant or mostly dont have any idea about what is the constitution say,or human rights,or whatever law exist that we dont aware about.never get into argument with them, cause we will lose,but in their eyes only.yes they do also saves and ignore people life.

programmers (i am in this league) - we programmers also plays with human life.we designs programs.the most basic things in this world is the computers.tell me,who nowdays didnt work with computers and gadgets alike? ie : we programmers program the flight simulation,train,bullet train and many more, if the program fail to respond or it crashes? u do the maths urself.

and there are many more other careers are better then what ur having right now

and this is my raw observation.

and to all of my friends whos thinking they are a lot more better then anybody else in this world,saying ur job is better then mine and think more.

im sick and tired of people saying programmers are lame,lazy,tak pandai, and so. hello open ur eyes.with us, all of ur bullshit books,bullshit laws,bullshit calculation..are just nothing but a bullshit.

respect other people.