strong heart

everyday i end up winning back ur matter what u did.

i can live on with ur mood swings.ur bad mood.ur period pain.ur stomachache and whatever condition ur feeling.

its just i dowanna make another mistake that i did not long time ago.yet im writing here but u wudnt know.this is just another note to myself. i wont let my ego take u away from me. just like how i lose my most precious person last march 2009.

i didnt tell u how hard it is that time.u didnt know how regret myself during that moment.for somebody like me,who had nothing.

and really i still regret my action until today.and that regret made me who am i today.

dont ask me why.dont ask me how.dont ask me when..

i am not gonna be able to hug u,
either hold ur hands,
or even having sweet conversation.

because i am still affected by my old wounds.

maaf kerana terlalu kasar dgn awak.
maaf sbb tak dapat nak layan geli-geli dgn manja awak.
maaf sbb saya suka buat kerja sendiri dari msg awak.
maaf sbb saya hanya pandai panggil awak dengan nama awak.
maaf sbb selalu elak dari keluar berdua.