bodoh.bangang.aku dah tak tau nak sifatkan kau ni kategori bodoh bangang imbecile tahap apa.

"kalimah ALLAH dalam dota. stop dota please..." - caption dia

wait who are u again? 3rd class with 3rd mentality malay minded and just a normal college student. u are not hieroglyph decoder either scientist, or even a linguistic on any s
ymbols and language graduate from any university. u guys are just a cybercafe addict who plays dota, not to mention noob, and believe in ancient superstitions and prophecy.

and how can you relate this thing with the arrivals? omg i was once stupid but i didnt reach this lvl of idiocracy . this is pure stupid im talking about. PURE STUPIDNESS. and to add on with this PURE STUPIDNESS i will let u see more.

can u see what they are talking about? the arrival, freemasonary, the LODGE council, the anti-christ, dajjal, the one-eyed. the dark lord etc2.

for real guys. do u understand what is that thing all about? are u a sanskrit translator which gives u the power of translation those rune symbol into our GOD's name? if then u guys are not worthy to be a HUMAN since ur HUMAN brain doesnt function like a HUMAN brain. how come u simply relate that NTAHHAPAHAPA symbol into our GOD's name? FOOOL MALAYS.

to say, i can name almost every single game titles that they say mocking islam.

DEVIL MAY CRY 3 - gate 12 - pintu kaabah
PRINCE OF PERSIA 2 - symbols on the walls and the prince is stepping on them
ELDER SCROLL III - raid the mosque

and i dowanna elaborate much more on this. try do the maths urself.

HAH and finally, to those believers, will u stop DOTA? what will u do?
tolong jangan jadi mcm zaman amerika attack Afghanistan and Baghdad and Palestine. beriya2 boikot. in the end?

jangan ludah tinggi2 sangat kat langit and then terpalit pada muka sendiri. bodoh berpada2 wahai kaum ku. sudah2 la tu memalukan diri sendiri. sembahyang tonggang tonggek tak penah nak cukup, kau sapa nak jatuhkan hukum? tanya diri sendiri. sapakah kita nak jatuhkan hukum...


Anonymous said...

weyh, pesal korang suke main game nie. aku nak pernah try nak main tapi aku mcm.. eh-eh-eh nk buat ape nie? haha. *sigh betol.