it ends here.

last sunday the internationals 2 for dota 2 ended. i've watched 80% of the match. speechless. those guys is at their best. LGD unstoppable winning streak, the comeback of Na'Vi and EHome. IG dominating.

IG won that tournament. 1 million dollars. its crazy. kita yang hidup mcm org biasa ni nak dapat sejuta pon entah bila. this supports the statement that "cyber athlete as a career is logic" and who knows there is cyber athlete university is going to be open soon.

lets meet the winners.

Invictus Gaming - from left Ferari.430, Faith, Zhou, YYF and Chuan

2nd place goes to Navi - 250,000 
3rd place goes to LGD - 150,000
4th place goes DK - 80,000
5th goes to Zenith - 35,000
6th goes to EHOME - 35,000
7th goes to Tongfu - 25,000
8th goes to Orange - 25,000

talking about dota, last week KCR place 3rd in ACG Qualifying in Cyberjaya, loses to team SR and behind SpaceMonkeys. it was devastating, we expect we could get a better place but there is no luck for us to get there.

and tmr they are going to participate in WCG Qualifying round in KLCC, the match is predicted going to start at 2pm and ends on sunday. strong opponents like SpaceMonkeys, Orange and MUFC also participates and please do supports us and like out FB page.

all the best for KCR'ace. and maybe this is it for some of the KCR. maybe.

it ends here.