u dont have to worry

maybe this is a cowardly way to tell a few people not to worry about me. i am living my life happily. i do have more friends than u all do. i dont hate few people like u all do. i do things u all didnt do. i am free from almost everything. i do what i want. i am very healthy/active not like what u all had in mind. i dont have any trust issue. i do enjoy living on my own. i rarely get sick, i rarely get boring because i had a lot of things to do. eventho im done playing video games, there is still a lot of things to do. u cant judge me like that, maybe u know me well for the 1st 15-20 years in this life but u have to remember things changed beyond that number. i do love my job. i do love my friends. i love the way i live this life for this time being. i had no rage inside of me no more. i dont have enemies that i need to take out.

miserable arent u?

i did a lot these few years. yup. a lot.

and i am happy.


bukankosong said...


happy for real rite?