lately i've been swimming in a river full of emotions. feelings? i am more than tired. if there is a word that could surpass tired/fatigue, that would be it.

i tend to show emotions. which is not good. emotions that i rarely displayed thru this self. and no matter what u do. it seems impossible to turn the mood around. not even good food. not even ur best artist. or fav song.

continue living as u watch the day goes by. and u turn bitter, day to day. knowingly. and have no power or control over it. this emotions, or sensitivity, is destroying me. this is a sign of weakness. inside me.

maybe im just tired. maybe i need rest. and start doing things i the way i want. not the way u want.

"i am like a balloon now. poke me i'll pop. heat me i'll pop. let me go up also i'll pop. do whatever i'll pop."