helo july

howdy. dah lama rasanya tidak mencoret apa2 kat sini. last month cuma dua post. i've been busy. keeping up dgn life. sedar tak sedar, dah bulan 7. lajunya. less seminggu nak puasa. and i think i am going to rest from all sort of activity during this month.

lately aku deal dgn all sorts of problem. orang lain punya problematic relationship. build back one or two bros punya self confidence. the reason why i did this is because there is time when i need somebody during those dark days i've been thru, god sent me someone. just to make sure i didnt go and do stupid things. 

honestly. semak juga. but dah commit, mana boleh tinggal mcm tu. responsibility. but all u can do is try to talk sense into them. which is kinda impossible to do. ur going against somebody's logic. they screwed up and got their logic all messed up. the time, the effort. just to make sure those unlucky people to feel happy. or at least lupakan sekejap masalah diorang. 

im a mess myself. trying to figure out this and that. what to do with life. mak dah tanya mcm2. and i said this year last main2. lepas projek sipadan & mabul apa semua. i'll rest. with the brotherhood, clircles and so. 

"dont attempt to control things which u dont have control over" - aisyah uculer.


Emma Amir said...

You're not going to give up blogging too, right?