so me and my boys hangout last friday and we talk about this one particular movie. Love Rosie. which a chick-flick novel (obviously) i read the book and found whoa movie, why not. so since everybody is pretty much fucked up and single, so we decide to challenge each other in #TheLoveRosieChallenge

the rules :

1. ask a girl out. the girl must be out from the known-circle, not gf/scandal, preferable the one who u rarely talks to. ya know. or a total stranger is good too.

2. ask her to watch this movie. idk how are u going to do this, and i hope u would get one. participant must upload the screenshot/evidence of the invitation and u guys can hide the name. chasing-game chat screenshot is a must!

3. when the day happens, take a picture of ur current time, the movie ticket, and the girl. and post in the group/ twitter for bragging rights.

4. there, ur done. gratz for man-ing up! and probably .... (ya know what will happen next)

so the 4 rules must be fulfilled. theres no sort of prize or incentive of doing this. and i would post about my experience in another post.

p/s : already got a date :p,  on 2 nov. and its quite special i tell u. till the next post! ja!