WWE Kuala Lumpur

its been almost 12 years since WWE last datang malaysia. and i dont want this to be another regret in my life for not being able to attend. so bought the ticket at the very last minute. it was spectacular. jauh beza mcm tgk dalam tv. chanting CENA SUCK, LETS GO CENA CENA SUCKS, YES! YES! YES! YES! #YesMovement, whut, CM PUNK! and all sorts of chant...its just out of this world. so here goes. 

 the ticket

 big e/kofi kingston 

 AJ blackwidow-ing paige and won the match

 los matadores with el torito, OLE!

 KO punch by big show. Bray Wyatt meets his doom

 The White Warrior Shemus!

 John Cena with a chair shot to Seth Rollins

John Cena's Attitude Adjustment from 2nd rope