its the end of the line. for both you and i. we tried our best. no matter how hard i try, no matter how far i would go for you. it doesnt make the cut for both of us. distance is a major factor, and partly because we didnt know each other like really really really know each other from the very beginning.

i know i had this difficult past that i need to deal with. theres few she and few friends that you shouldnt really take it seriously. they mean no harm, and nobody, nothing to you. this jealousy is like a disease. you cant make me choose between you and those people. i cant go back home everytime you want me there.

i too, sometimes blame myself for having a life like this. i tried. i always wanted to live normally, peacefully just like the rest of us. i tried not to have any more ties with those twitter people. i even abandon some of them. what else do you want from me?

so i think lets stop right here. now. before we both get hurt, again, badly. maybe were never really meant to be together, no matter how hard, how far we tried. were just like 2 last piece of puzzle what wont fit.


our desire for attention overshadowed our needs to be loved. back then, were just two individuals who desires for attention, not love. look at us. were connected more than before but it feels so wrong, so far, disconnected. both at heart and mind.

awak, we are no longer young. and we both cant afford any fuckups at this point of life. and thats why i failed to see our future together. i just cant see what is going to happen next. and its no longer fun when we both fight over silly stupid things. we supposed to treat silly jokes as jokes, not a licence to sulk and idk how sometimes it turns into a fight. cant you see?

loving is not about giving attentions, its not always about rainbows and butterflies, flowers and chocs, goodmorning and goodnight, the sun, the moon. its more than that. its something we both failed to digest. we both failed to use.

i know you probably wont read this. nobody would. but this is where i pour my heart and soul, with all my might. this is where a person like me, cries.

i am sorry, for letting you go. and for all of my failures. i tried my best to fulfill all of my promises. and it seems like its not enough. let me be the one who said sorry. i do enjoy our moments together but heaven seems like to have another plan ahead for us.

with love,