some rants. the usual(s)

hi. i have settled down in my new house. cuma masih berterabur sbb belom beli katil, almari tilam and whats not. mungkin isnin ni? bila cuti nanti. and yeah. loving it here. tenang, tak bising, takde kete lalu lalang.

ok im here not to write about this shit. im here to talk about x-men : apocalypse!

hah guess what, i watched the movie last night. few hours earlier than the release date! and overall the movie is quite ok. better than x-men 1st class and x-men days of future past.

cuma ni la sikit nak rant pasal watak apocalypse. he's like a god. with the ability to survive and switch body, simply put, he can live forever. but purpose dia as a villain is very weak. he desires to enslave humans instead of wiping them all out.

little that he knows that human are the source of the problem. why destroy the world and rebuilt just to turn them into slaves who worship you while u can destroy everything into nothingness because existence has no meaning? you are the strongest yet you seek help? what for? every villain shud take note, to conquer the world ni dah jadi side mission dari true mission which is to destroy everything.

watch ultron, watch joker. apa similarities dia? they dont want money, they dont want revenge, they dont want people to see them as gods ke apa, all they want is simply destruction because they know :

1. human doesnt deserve to live.
2. existence is nothing if you are above all.
3. you are the ultimate being and yet you seek approval from the weaklings for what? their lives is at your mercy????

heck if i do have powers just like him. hahahah i think im gonna be afraid of my villain self. i might wage war upon other planets and maybe destroy the whole universe too. getting earth blown up is just the beginning. i have the power do change the world, why i should spare you, you and you? i do not need others but myself. the power to create, the power to destroy, i had it all.

ok habis part apocalypse yg lemah lagi menjijikkan mata. lets talk about the post-credit scene. theres some guy from some company taking vials of wolverine's blood (weapon x) and that dude is from essex company *cough, spoilers, cough, mister sinister, or perhaps the wolverine next movie*

thats all. sebenarnya aku kena siapkan few artikel untuk tenagamudaxtwtdota tapi havent start. mah gad. malasnya ~_~