Resident Evil 7 - DONE!


its been a while since RE 6 is released in 2012. now resident evil is back with a whole new story, new format, new gameplay, new hero and stuffs.

from 3rd person to 1st person view and from RPG-action turned into its roots - survival horror in 1st person shooter mode.

simply put, capcom is returning to its original theme which is survival horror. they did good when they released psychobreak - the evil within. and now, RE 7.

ok here it goes *spoiler alert*

ethan sets out to find her missing wife mia, whos been missing for 3 years and his search end up at some farm house outside the city. while hes exploring the farm house, he finds his wife mia, imprison in the basement, and during their escape, mia turns crazy because she is controlled by some force and end up attacking ethan. and after the crazy attack, we are introduce to the Baker family. jack baker stops mia from attacking ethan and from there, ethan has to figure out how to save his wife and escape from the house.

along the way, ethan is help by zoe, the baker family's only daughter. zoe guides ethan on how to create serums to cure whatever infecting them. confronting jack, marguirette and lucas along the way, ethan somehow manage to stop the crazy family from killing him. but then, at some point, we gotta choose who we want to save because during the battle with lucas, ethan used one of the serum to take him down leaving only one serum, and we have to choose who to save, either mia, or zoe.

the story continues after that *regardless who do u choose, we now have to control mia* and the story behind whats happening in baker family starts here. we were introduce to eveline, the one who responsible for all thats happening now. eveline is actually a product of bio-weapon from umbrella who has the power to control other people with her minds and generate molds who can turn people into monsters with super powers. and mia is her guardian agent who would monitor eveline. 

and eveline is out of control, she crashed the tanker ship around's the baker family farm house, controls them and took mia in because all eveline ever wanted is to have a family which is she is obsessed about. 

and then ethan finds out the truth and sets out to settles everything for good. he then discovered the salt mine and proceeds to face eveline in her original form - old women in a wheelchair before she turns into a big headed monster. during the last battle, ethan receive help from the military and from the main protagonist of the RE franchise, chris redfield himself.

RE7 is a bit intense early game bcos u have to runaway from fights since it is very difficult to find weapons and ammunitions and players have to rations their supplies as its kinda hard to collect and find in the games. the only way to conserve resources is not to engage everytime u encounter the enemy and play hide and seek instead of blowing them heads off and end up using all of ur bullets for the next big fight. be wise.

neway, main la game ni, best, and theres 3-4 dlc coming in march ni, and jgn la rush main habiskan laju2. take it slow. now im waiting for horizon zero dawn pula, hopefully dapat la dalam minggu ni. been waiting for it like..forever.


until next post