why dating guys in his 30 is a game changer that every girls need.

im gonna tell you a secret today. and girls out there, please, keep one if you find any!

1. you girls will have better idea of who they are versus who the could become. man in his 30s are already molded into the person they should.

2. men in his 30s had their hearts broken over and over. and because of that, they are less inclined to take love for granted

3. they are most likely concern about being honest rather than tryna look cool all the time.

4. they no longer see that by being single isnt the best thing in the world. nope.

5. flirting publicly with girls over social media changes from "normal things" to "embarrassing problems"

6. and their idea of "toxic" masculinity slows down. their life journey had them understand that real strength isnt impenetrable walls of stubborn ego nor being humiliating arrogant. at this point, their desire to be valued, to embody responsibility, straightfowardness replaces the need to be macho.

7. men in his 30s and their taste in people significantly deepens. they are more interested with the women they want to spend as much time and each day with, not every few weeks or one night.

8. they shift their focus from wanting to be the guy who has the most fun to the guy who have it all. they will come to understand that reading books, dress well, knows how to cook dinner and how to ask someone out properly on a date is not lame and uncool rather than the cornerstones of a well rounded considerate functioning individuals

9. men in his 30s will take relationship more seriously and as a by product. they would treat people in them with more respect.

10. most of the guys already spent few years developing themselves in their careers. and because of that, the experience teach them to be humble, and make them knowledgeable in their field or skills.

11. by now, they are capable enough of basic functioning. cook meals, keeping their apartment organized. manage themselves well.

12. also, they tend to realize that being with someone is better than being right all the time. and they've grown to know that the two cannot usually coexist. and a lot of love are lost to the latter.

13. obviously, they are not afraid to care, and they learn how to shove feelings away under thinly veiled layer of anger and dismissiveness inside of them. in fact, now they learn that its better to deal with it, and to be honest.


isnt perfection is what we all need? some want my life. but i want something else.

goodnight people. ja!