X, Y, equations, actions and consequences.

kita semua ex orang. tak kiralah. dalam percintaan ke, pekerjaan ke, kelas ke, kawan ke, apa benda sekali pun. jadi tak perlulah kot rasa mcm best sangat.

selama-lama aku kenal pempuan, dan yang mana jadi gf ke apa benda you wanna call it, tak pernah sekali pun habis cara tak baik. eventho i have been cheated on, kena tinggal gitu takde jawapan ke, gaduh benda bodoh tapi takde satu pun yg end up jadi enemy ke membenci satu sama lain.

but not the current one. i dont know why and what happened. its fine, aku faham la dah habis and takde apa, patutnya dah boleh move on. sure we dated like few months and dah exchange i love you and all of that stuffs in between. tak apa, its ok u can call me gila ke syok sendiri ke whatever and it doesnt change any fact at all.

tapi ketahuilah. i am not that low nak sindir ke nak perli ke nak ajak gaduh and all of that stuffs. theres no need for me to do that. because i already tasted the best, survived the worst up until today. you just wont understand. i know you would read this (someday, sort of) and rasa mcm wtfnya.
but, whatever i am saying on my social media account, its not about u. i have tons of other things to think and worry about dari find my way back to you. tak susah pun nak faham - bila orang dah taknak, orang taknak. and i dont think you tak kenal pun kawan2 i. they all suka menganjing. and normallah/biasalah kawan-kawan menganjing, and kita layankan jela. takde sebab kenapa nak kena sindir or perli benda yang dah habis. you do you. tapi kalau nak terasa jugak dgn come by read all of my tweets, its on you. i am not a coward like you. running away from things. i confront things. i solve conflict. and this, shows how much you're insecure about yourself. looking for attentions, validations. bukan diri sendiri buat pun nak claim diri sendiri buat. tak rasa malu ke dgn diri sendiri ultimately? kemudian dgn orang sekeliling? and if i wanna take you down, i already did. bukannya tak pernah buat kat few liars over social media ni.

if i want to maki, i oredi maki. bukannya you dont know me. good job on sending few guys to pick a fight with me but they all are fuckin pussy (yeap pussy af). bunch of jobless/brainless kids over social media. dah la penakut, no game no frontin at all. hate me all you want. but you yourself tahu kot.

satu lagi tak payah la kot nak justify orang baik adalah orang yg tak pegi club tak mabok tak this tak do drugs and stuffs. narrowminded gila. i'd say, jalan dulu kat atas dunia ni, at least separuh dunia. and kenal lagi ramai orang. because people sin differently. and raised differently. doesnt mean he/she didnt do drugs, hes the worst kind of a person n tak layak nak bagi pendapat or hidup. you said urself you tak judge people and yet, you do the opposite. tak perlu bangga pun dgn benda2 mcm ni. being raised right, and do all of the right things ada beza dia. one can be alcoholic, or an addict, tapi dia tak menipu mcm you. or maybe even better, he help people tapi dia tak pernah tunjuk pun how when or why.

i dont wanna fight you, or even hate you. let alone talk to you. i did everything that i could. until one day, i realize, you are not worth the effort because u lack empathy inside of you. because to you, maybe your proud of yourself by being pretty and stuffs, but that isnt gonna last long. just because you're pretty, and stuffs, it can compensate your shitty attitude, example - lying. and not to mention sommore things. full stop.

were fuckin adults. act like one. and i dont need any validation from anyone like you. and i do judge people everyday and goes to sleep without no regrets. also, i am a proud drug addict. even better, a high functional drug junkie/addict unlike your shitty friends. loser IRL, loser in social media too.

sudahlah. why dont you be you, and i'll be me. and for your record, tak pernah sekali pun terniat or terlintas nak stalk ke apa benda. people tell me things all the time. i dont have to drag myself down to your level nak stalk2 or tengok2 orang ni. and please do your homework before cari gaduh ke send some kids again ke whatever. dont give me a reason to hate you pula. were fine like this.

and wow, ini 1st time bad ending rasanya. before this i've dated few people, and tinggalkan elok2, tapi tak pernah pun bergaduh ke apa benda mcm ni. jadi kawan siap. takde masalah apa.