you move on. you lose nothing. you upgrade your game, upgrade yourself to a better version of you.

rasanya dah separuh tahun juga away from dota stuffs. last one is ESL Genting awal jan ritu. and now, since beberapa kali dah plan nak buat our own pubstomping tapi tak jadi jadi, this time, we gonna do it fo real, TI7.

the plan is to cam copy bts punya style, sambil2 ajak orang datang enjoy tgk final ti7. jual merchandise sikit2 and get along dgn semua yg datang tengok. few times dah sebenarnya nak organize instead of kita live update dekat twt_dota. and since this year punya organization pun dah restructure, new faces with fresh new energy n idea. seems like i am not going to retire from this anytime soon. 

anyway, meet the new team. 

ni buka pose ritu. lama tak gather mcm ni ramai2. izzoe pun dah duduk ipoh, iza takyah cakap siang malam keje buat mrt busy, raimi dgn company n baby sofea. and theres me, at least half of me sbb ezt nub tangkap gambar.

zyl, ezt, abu (not in pic, nani) sambil kena interview dgn press.

early may. nani datang so we hangout

so, theres like 2 place to choose from tuk dijadikan kita orang punya pubstomp. satu is escapade subang, which is cafe style n so, and since fundevour pun mcm nak assist, so im currently considering it. and another one is buat style betul2 pubstomp dekat mamak (ali b) kot. and sebelah dia ada mineski baru buka. so...since we can do something untuk promote mineski (we worked together few times juga for several events before this). i havent ada masa nak tulis the proposal betul2, tapi ini la idea dia for the time being. and since tak ada lagi jadual bila TI actually start dgn jadual apa semua nak register lagi for pubstomp kat valve, im gonna plan this one carefully. 

i didnt play video games with no ambition to be better, or never going to be part of it. you can tell me your stories, played this goddamn game from dota 1 bla bla bla. not until you meet me. i have been in every level of it. played for a team? done. win some cup? done. coach and manage a team? done. organize my own event? done. name it. i am not like you. i actually understand this game, i can feel it. not like you. you understand nothing about it. you cant even control your mouse properly. let alone understand the mechanics n meta deep enough. not to mention, contribute anything for the community.


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