not your normal esports post.

hi. i have to delete the last post. lets just say i would affect my work. and i wouldnt like that.

anyway. i did it. the pubstomp. which i had in mind for years. so for those who didnt know what is a pubstomp - its a trend in america where people would storm into pubs to watch matches/games, be it football or soccer. so in gaming universe, we borrowed up the term and the function is pretty much the same.

in 2017, i hosted one pubstomp in setiawangsa. at a friend's mamak. and i did it for free. turned out, ramai gila datang. but i wasnt able to be there due to family day. and this year, i did another one. its kinda a big deal, to me - as a personal milestone.

this year, i manage to get myself a partner, after so long doing things on my own. we even get sponsorship(s), thanks to this partner. maybe to some, its no big deal. but to me, i appreciate it.

yap introduce me to this russian dude. i legitly would have thought that hes a russian, and he is by the way, but hes been in malaysia since hes a kid. this guy runs an esports club - Lapar Esports. which is legit, he got all the papers done. the 1st registered club under KBS. so we decided to team up for this pubstomp. i got all the papers, and action plans, he got the connections. and we manage to pull this off.

everything was perfect until the other party start to meddle in. oh god. 1st, they messed up the posters and all of the design. 2ndly, they doubted that i can deliver this thing, bcos its the 1st time they would do such event and monetize from it. initially, they wanted to do it for me. but then i show them my papers (where they didnt even bother to read). and ask me to compensate if i cant get the ticket running. i was this close to cancel everything due to my principles. so i get back to my team and they said, ok never mind, lets get this job done and delivered. all of those sleepless, stressful day and night was worth it.

special thanks to twtdota/netizen prihatin family, RSCO coffee, TCProduction, Lapar Esports, Battle Arena, OYO Hotels, Pineapple.MY, Dacsee, and Server DNA my. couldnt do it without you guy's supports.

to more esports programs ahead!

so here it is, i present to you, TWTDOTAxBattleArena Pubstomp 2019

the tickers! designed by kimie. initially i plan to sell this ticket for 65, 35 and 15. but then, it goes down to 50, 20 and 5. sigh

and the instaworthy backdrop i have over here.

mc for this event, Fiera Fendi and also my homie Abu

look at them sponsors banners. 

me, fiera and abu!

 almost full house, day one

guys from gaming portal. thanks for coming. 

this is everyone, who helped me from the early beginning until the end of this event. Lapar Esports, RSCO Cafe, TCP team, twtdota team.

special thanks to shuk, putri, syed, faiq, yen, haziq and ilya. without you guys, theres no way, no way i could accomplished all of these.

me and fiera. hahaha cas gila gambar

abit sad cus my team lose. PSG.LGD place 3rd in this year TI9. so dont really bother to watch the finals properly. anyhow gotta give it to them. TI10 should be our year! haha. and yes we manage to get ceb's attention - "THE CEEEEEEEEEEEEEB CHALLENGE" 

us at battle arena shouting

after this, TJLANPARTY 4! and lotssa coming. already had few things in mind, and papers (of course) and come whatever may. i'll be ready