one decade.

my december has been a wild ride from the start, until the very last of it. its 332 am rn. and i cant sleep. theres a few things that lingers inside of my head.

as you all know, or might not know. i have been transferred to johor. particularly mersing. starting on 16/1 onwards. im battling a battle which i cannot win obviously, begging the boss to let me stay but he drops the ultimatum already. and the only thing that can save me now, is my old bosses mercy.

either i drop the lob im doing right now, and float for a couple of months, before i get a pos within another lobs. which is not going to happen in this shortest of time, but im trying. hopefully theres someone out there who would take my place, and i'll gladly took his. at this point, beggars cant choose.

but thats not the point.

the truth is.

i cant cant leave here, because i have you. my biggest concern? leaving you. im not done yet...heck i didnt even start yet. i had so much planned out for 2020. god.

then all the other things too. but it can wait.

i am not ready to for distance, between us. not yet...

and today i had fun. i get to spent my day with you. and i dont know why it does feel like its the last time im gonna see you. it never happened yet, but to me, its already happening. i dont even remember what color are youre wearing today. i barely remember your smiles without look at the camera gallery, pictures we took today. part of me, regretted that i didnt take as much photo together. i have no intention of not taking pictures together, or even show you off in my soc meds n stuffs. what you and i have, is something special. something so sacred, so pure. only you and i knew whats going on. in our own world.

im thankful. i learned a lot from you.
to end this decade with you, i want to do it. i'll do it a 1000 times. over and over.

"until every stars in the galaxy dies and fades away"