was down, for the count.

hello. whatsup? its been a while since i got the time to actually come here and write something. transfer thingy happened. was the worst few weeks of my 2020, and it doesnt end there. i was down, for the count, last week of feb due to some viral/bacterial fever. this time? ina hospital bed.

i thought i could take a few days off and recover on my own, but it wasnt like that. i had to go to the hospital because i cant breathe. my nose/nostrils are blocking air. i had to breathe using my mouth. they tested me for influenza A and also corona, results were negative. then the took lots of blood. day in day out and find out i had this bacterial infection in the blood, with bad bad tonsil, which already bloody and infected.

took me 4 days, 4 bottles of iv drip, 4 bottle of super antibiotics which kill everything (well they kinda did). the pain? dont ask. i was in pain due to the veins being dripped/antibiotic, also the meds turns me super weak, nauseous, unpleasant headaches. it doesnt stop there. after i went home, i had to took tablets form of em. i was out of commission for almost 2 weeks.

now, im almost recovered. hence, the update (still had to finish the antibiotics). and last thursday i went for a follow uip, and we agree to remove my tonsil after raya. right after that, proceed with the laparoscopy to fix my bad bad gerd/acid reflux.

i learn alot actually, regarding my own health during my time there. no wonder when im asleep, but i am still aware of whats happening around me. my sleep, wasnt the "sleep" im supposed to have. due to my tonsils, i develop sleep apnea. sleep apnea (common name snoring) was in the way of my sleep. due to my brain doesnt fully shut down during the sleep, it doesnt/cant release the resting hormones - which contribute to fatigue, sleepiness, tiredness, problem to lose weight, all the stress.
tbh, kinda regret my decision of not doing it sooner. i was given a referral to remove my tonsil few years back.

there. thanks for visiting, you know who you are. bring me foods n stuffs. i will try my best to take care of my ownself after this. do not nag to me like im 3 or something. also, will try my best to come here often and tell you stories.

for now, thats it.

i look like shit waktu ni. i cant get my ass out of the bed. i was out for 12-13 hours a day. hahah. hence the AR version of me