the lockdown

the lockdown has taken its toll on me, mentally, and physically. today is day 5. i did nothing but sleep, eat, smoke pot, had a couples of dimitri's cousin, lasida. was an okay day, but tired due to not doing anything.

anyway. its work from home season, so i was lucky since i just bought a new PC! YAY! idk whats wrong with my old computer, i had recently installed ssd, and everything seems to be okay until i cant update my windows, and it keeps going into blue screen.

the first format - last about 2 weeks before it gone blue screen again. so i thought, must be the ssd. so i get another ssd. and the same shit happen in a week. i even sent back the 1st ssd to repair, which isnt damaged at all.

and i tried to reformat again, and it happened. that was the line drawn there. so the next morning, i went to get my new pc. after considering and upgrade for the old pc, which would costs almost half the price for a new pc, better ambil pc baru. and so i did.

i went for amd this time. lepas being so loyal to intel for so many years, rasa mcm nak try la amd. not bad. so far so good.

upgrade the whole set, and got me another ssd. which is m2 ssd where u just attach it dekat motherboard. best, boot pc takes only seconds. less than 10 sec.

so heres the specs.

amd ryzen 5 2600
gigabyte a320m s2h v2
600w power supply - hydro k
m2 ssd
nvidia rtx 2060 ti with ray tracing systems
and t-force 16 gb of ram color.

damage? 3200+/- lepas discount. puas? yes aku puas. beli dekat mana? beli dekat racun tech. yes. kedai dia mungkin jauh nun di setia alam sana, but the price sangat okay, berbaloi.

heres the final product

casing dia a bit smol, tapi ok la kot.later ada extra might upgrade. the games? semua boleh bubuh setting ultra high, fps dalam 160-120 depending the game. so far cod full graphic settings is superb. been playing cod since last thursday non stop. jadi tahi. ni dah wfh ni entah apa la jadi

also. sila lah stay indoors during this restriction order. only go out when u really need it. wear mask. wash your hands. less social media. people are going nuts out there, and i am here thinking that i am the crazy one.

btw, check out this song -

LP - lost on you
LP - tightrope
LP - when were high.