another raya post.

just some pics, and long ass captions

went to falah's house. one of those blood brothers until today. motor buat hal lak nak balik dia takmau hidup. hahaha. feels great catching up sambil makan. good lad. heres us, handsomely posing fer hari raya haha

1st time beraya tiada family bersama. and heres the family pic without my sister yaya, me and my lil brother man. and heres baby qarizh buat muka hahaha dia ni mmg tau. rindu family. almost 6 bulan takda balik. sigh miss mom's cooking too. will definitely balik for raya haji!

family adik dgn baby qarizh. aint he super cute. hehe

so tak balik kan haritu. i decide to host a raya pardy open house style with ma homies. since lama gila tak lepak, and pkp pon dah longar, we rent this one cool airbnb right next to klcc (500 meter away) for 3 days and 2 night. best gila babi and surely going to repeat next time. families.

heres the pic right outside our balcony. majestic. i stayed right from the 1st day until the next day, to witness KL yang kosong, bertukar dari siang ke malam.