Di tag lokman pule =_= aishh.

mari menjawab survey.selalu aku bagi org survey waktu comm research.skarang aku kene jawab.aishhh

Currently - boring.balik2 dota.balik2 dota.dah GODLIKE DA NI ADOI LER
Playing - DOTA/Save the last dragon.
What's new? - Tido tidak lebih dan tidak kurang dari 7 jam sehari
Real name - Mohd Qayyum bin Abdul Razak
Nickname - Q.Yum,mok,Tendou,Revoirs(encik rank 23 dunia)
Married - Nope yet. Waiting for her or reverse.Nasib ler.
Male/Female - Male.
High school - High School Batu Pahat.
College - UiTM Shah Alam.
Are you a health freak? - nope.
Do you have a crush on someone? - Yeah.Im having 2nd thoughts.
Do you like yourself? - Nope on sum certain point of view.Im goddamn cocky.

Surgery - bersunat?
Person you see in the morning - Apexi,Yol,Abe Roe
Award - MOA awards,games (too many cuz im full time online gamer)
Sports you join in - Futsal(sumtimes)bowling.
Vacation - In my new look room.Hopefully AMAN.
Concert - Sunburst.Pukky cat doll sunway.Muse.Incubus.Amy Search.Wings.Semua kat KL.

Your future:
Want kids - Nak
Want to get married - Mestila bodoh?
Careers in mind - Editor,art director,creative director,publisher.

Which is better?
Lips or Eyes? - I prefer lips.
Hugs or Kisses? - Hugs, later kisses.
Shorter or Taller? - No comment.
Romantic or Spontaneous? - Both
Sensitive or Loud? - Loud.
Troublemaker or Hesitant? - Troublemaker at all times.

Have you ever,
Kissed a stranger? - Yes.Once.
Drank bubbles - Ni bubble tea kat Sammit Batu Pahat ke,yg kale ijau tu? mcm penah
Ran away from home - Nope
Liked someone younger - Yes.
Broke someone's heart - 3 times + 1 (2 weeks ago)
Been arrested - Almost.
Cried when someone died - 4 times.

Do you believe in,
Yourself - Surely.
Miracles - Doing degree in 2 semester (short course zzz)
Magic - TimeStop
Angels - Malaikat(yes) angel yg vampire tu ke? (ye percaye sbb ade dalam tv XD)

Is there someone you want to be with right now? - Yes.Helwa bte Hassan.