Which one would you choose.Pride or Friendship.

1stly,how do i define Pride and Friendship? Pride.As a man,i had my own pride.I'll surrender i'll fight whether its good or wrong and if the thing that i am doing is on my kinships,i'll consider it my pride.And ? How do i define friendship? Friendship to me,roughly is then several people living together,sharing ups and downs,been there for each other,absolutely no BACKSTABBING even how bad u are hurt in the relationship and u'll still carry for each other eventho no communications occurred.Simple imagination also leads to a faithful friendship.

Today.Im going to tell u a simple story about pride and friendship.

There is a competition.It mite be anything.But,u and ur friends did not have the chance to be in the same group because other people or some sort or partnerships or agreement have been made to form the group.Now.Imagine that ur alone,teaming up with a bunch of strangers versus ur friends.Normally people will consider its for fun,but deep inside,the person with more members minds are usually set to show off and beat the hell out of ur crap since ur alone.U think im lying? Tak penah rase mcm ni? Recall ur memory.Thats for the group.Meanwhile,competing as individual arent easy,nak kene jaga hati the other team,biase la kan,naive.Strong sense of justice and sportsmanships.Dalam otak dah set diorang tu kawan2 gak.Tanak over do and so on stuffs.

Okay next both the group are in the battlefield.As they proceed to beat the hell out of each other crap,geng member yg paling ramai start playing dirty trick,provoking,calling names.Biase la.Mentang2 sorang,strangers,kene bully.In research,as proven Martha Steward text book (aku tak ingat ape tajuk) kes2 mcm ni selalunye occurred 67% (ini kajian sociology).And here comes the problem.How should you react? At first maybe kite akan ingat diorang ni saje bergurau and sebenarnye they dont.They are dominating because of u are outnumbered,lacking voices in the group.And to both group and the loner with strangers,where's your pride and friendship.How do you react to this situation.I dont know.Judge urself.

p/s : maybe the condition bole di terbalikan.The group is naive and the individuals arent.

To me.I had several solutions.As stated before,i dont mind losing as long as i kept my pride untouched.But i wont surrender either.I'll fight but not returning their "favor" of mocking,provoking.Its not worth to lose ur relationship with them.Personally i've always face this kind of problem.Until last night i was so cloze to lose my pride.Its not that i cant beat them.Its just im too soft.To hurt others.Hurting others is not my way until i've left with no other options.And i hope.With this post,people mite open their eyes.Analyze,then rethink.Sit in each other shoes and feel it for urself.

p/s 2 : people who labeled themself as "hati kering/emotionless",congratulations.u have reach at the limits of the world most professional liers to themselves and a complete idiotic moron which shud never exist in this world.try to cut urself.kill ur mom and if its not working? please cut ur genitals.i wanna see that "OMFG expression on ur face"prove me that ur emotionless/hati kering.

quote : courage = big in numbers? i'd say ur have no pride of urself.sekian.terima kasut.