Wargh shit.Shit happens.

Rumah di sambar petir.Cost me my laptop.My lan card on PC.My internet connection.My everything.Haih.Shit.I know shit's bad rite now.Everybody shit's getting emotional rite now.Wargh kennot live like this.Dying for internet connection.Aha anyway i quit online gaming.Couping up with it.Mcm org tak dapat ganja/dadah.Sangat painfull doooo.Haih i still got 1 trump card left World Of Warcraft(WOW).Bercuti jap.Anyway im looking for a job.Aside from job(biase) i can do design,umm cover book,cover magazine,fliers,banners,booklets,brochure anything from print to baju materials.Im taking jobs rite now.Need money.Anybody who need this kind of work please contact me ASAP.Money,Please.