Gridion Gang

ever watch this movie? i've watch it twice.baru je habis just now.and i think this movie shud won oscar.or any movie award.sangat inspiring.and sangat mengharukan.based on true story.

in my personal opinion.i think this movie shud be played in jail and juvenile schools.always.because in this potrays the current lifestyle,criminals and what will happen to them.story ni sangat membuka mata everybody kalau di hayati betul2.malaysia ni dah banyak sangat cerita cinta,sedih tak bertempat and a lot of useless+brainless entertainment.i think malaysia memerlukan seorang director like this one.change the malaysia scene of malaysia's movie industry and at the same time,saving the malaysian citizens and youth.

and i think this movie shud be played free of charge.semua pihak shud take my point of view being a masscommer,to help our fellow criminal minded malaysian,movie ni can be played free of charge,cinemas shud giving away free tickets,stop cari duit.dah banyak dah duit u all companies had.kementerian also shud involved.instead paparkan muka2 ahli politik dekat white-screen yg diorang letak kat taman2.better mainkan this movie.

to the local entertainment industry,please stop producing rubbish.and i think sebagai artis.diorang potray imej.hey criminal also ada their idols tau.if the actors and directors can work their brain and asses out,producing cerita mcm ni,instead of producing rubbish love,comedy and sad stories.better produce and inspiring our corrupted malaysia to go back to the state where no corruptions,low social and criminals problem rates.

yeah i know i talked a lot.but hey,im giving out least,aku tau aku tak mampu nak buat semua i contribute what i can.ideas.

people.ask urself.what are u gonna be in 4-5 years about ur brothers and sisters.

p/s : im saving for what i can.cuz i'll need them in the future.who knows.