stupid malays.go on.

ever been in the situation like this?

"u are doing ur best,in fact, u are the best in what u do,and then,come this stupid little faggot that annoyed with u and ur ability which eventually will annoy u with his/her stupid little faggot minded thinking"

i'll say.fuck the malays.fuck em real good.grow up little motherfuckers.i aint do anything which reveals ur stupidness or that low mentality of urs.stop taking quota's.continue to struggle u little motherfucker.fuck i didnt do anything for fuck sake.dont fuck around with me.accept that the fate that the fact is,u are just another motherfuckin moron.there is always no room for u to hope cuz the hope doesnt exist itself.

bitch,climb to the matter how hard and how often u fall.learn to accept weaknesses.

quote from the film hackers

"mess with the best,die like the rest"

and if u are on ur way to the top,there is always me infront of u,u little motherfucker.