Hey loot at me.Im officially sumbody =)

hey.lets hear some epic story from untrustworthy me XD :

i didnt have great school moments.
i hang out with the geeks.
i didnt play rugby,
neither the cadets.
or either im not a gangster in the school,
neither famous.
im just a simple me.
qayyum.thats what i am.

yes,im fat
i dont have many friends.
i cant be trusted.
i talk shits and crap.
i dont hide these facts.
so what say u?

in school.i sit infront.
i talk about games,computers and gadgets with my geek friends.
we're labeled as the budak pandai skema in the class.
yet,were always kena bully.
but its okay.

when we,the geeks hangout,
yes we are always with our bag packs,
we dont have all the good looking looks,
either cute girls,
and we dont event know how to groom ourselves,
we dont belong to any social culture grups,
hip hops? punk? skinhead?
we,geeks,still the geek.
we dont do fashions,
we do enjoy ourselves.

again.in school,but this is after the school ends.
we take pictures,
today,when i look into the picture,
i can tell
who become a man,
and who doesnt.
and not to mention who is currently becoming a man.

today.i look back.
and i know,where am i now
like my BM teacher said,
belajar sampai menara gading,
im there cikgu zahrah.
im there.

im now somebody.
finished my small time dip
and undergoing my big time deg.
and im dating the hottest pharmacist/doctor-to-be-in Johor.

hey daddy and mommy.
look at me.
im proud to be ur son.
even u both arent that somebody in ur time.
but please,
look back for urself in me.
i did what u always want me to do.
i did what u both cant accomplish in ur time.
thanks to you both daddy and mommy.

i'll pay back for each and every effort u both done.
i promise.


LUQA said...

dun worry dear, i luv u too. =)

HeLwaHassan said...

hottest =X