Finish the sentence TAG

nah this is a tag from tya.
and here is my answers

My someone i used to play gunbound with

I am listening to...all i have to give : backstreet boys

Maybe I should..working and doing some excercise

I like learning...about human

My best friend(s)...the jyuupon gatana clan.

I don't understand...why hypocrite exists

I lost...wallet last 2 months.shitttttttt

Many people said..ur damn cuddly and funny (i dont believe them at all)

The meaning of my name...according to the book its the self-subsisting,the self existing.

Love is...stressful yet amazing and addicted like curry.

I am living in a place called...home and never like it

I will change the way i supposed to be.

The meaning of "forever"...there is no forever.there is a fullstop.and take a turn around.

My the crappest phone looking for psp phone haha

I am very annoyed...with some kiasu chinese who claims to be the most professional in online gaming.suck my bloody dick

Whenever I wake up from sleep...i feel like sleeping again..and again..

Party is...where i slay those chinese candy ass in garena?

The cutest animal(s)...maybe billi,or janggut.

The best definitely 19

I felt tension i dunno where i did wrong and tak pasal2 kene marah?

Tonight, i will kill more chinese.

When I look at myself in the mirror this morning...omg im getting more fat and fat

Shopping mall...i hate the most

Fast food are usually...tolak batu dan kayu sahaja.pwn em all.

i tag : shada2,luqa,dayana,nabila S,rafik,shada,asyikin and helwa.